Paul Mitchnick csc

My first job out of film school was as an unpaid production assistant on Ivan Reitman’s ‘Cannibal Girls’. Through that adventure, I was drawn to the camera department and from that point on, worked as a camera assistant on documentaries, commercials and features all over the world.

Expanding my skill-set in the camera department, I had the great fortune to work as a camera operator and 2nd Unit DP for many international award-winning cinematographers such as Chris Menges, Peter Pau, John Seale and John Bailey to name drop a few. I also worked for many lesser-known, equally gifted cinematographers.

What impressed me about those experiences wasn’t so much, which light goes where... but the “why” that went behind each decision. It taught me to respect the story and the talent, while making the call sheet. I have always liked the idea of supporting the narrative with a look

When I first started to shoot, I took any job that people offered; but it was the power of dramatic story telling that intrigued me.

Collaboration with people travelling down the same river is one of the great joys of doing this job. The more prep the better. I believe that much of the movie is made in the survey van with everyone discussing possibilities.

Smaller budgets don’t scare me; it’s still about ideas and execution. All the independent films that I have shot look beyond their budget, with many of them winning awards.

My early documentary work has given me a sense of the world. I also had the pleasure of shooting the first feature film made in Dubai -- a job that took me to India as well.

Since high school, I have had some kind of camera in my hands...

Still photography is my opportunity for personal image making and story telling. The
Artworks Gallery in Vancouver represents my photographic work. I have had solo exhibits of medium format, black & white images in both Vancouver (2011, 2012) and Toronto (2014,2016). (original art- photography- paul mitchnick)

In 2014 I consulted for Objex Unlimited, a 3D printing company, helping them develop and refine one of the most sophisticated 3D scanning studios in North America.